Look Beyond the Window


thrift store finds: tables, candleholders, pillow

I have always been the the type to take my Christmas décor down right after New Years.

I decorated with whites and silvers this year, and I am not ready to put it away just yet. The winter white creates peace and tranquility in our living room.

The cabinet shown below is one of my best treasures.  It was only $25 on the Offer Up website.  It is super SOLID!


The winter white goes well with my second-hand tables shown below.

They were $30 each on a Facebook yard sale group. They are very solid, and great for displaying my thrift store treasures.


thrift store finds: tables, bowl, lamps, window

We looked beyond the window by turning it into a picture frame.  It turned out great for displaying our family vacation photos.

We bought 4 of these windows on a Facebook yard sale group for $5 each. My husband used white chalkboard paint and sand paper to complete the look.


old window – painted, sanded, added 8×10 pictures

I hope you are taking time to see beyond the window this winter!

Stay tuned for more of my thrift store treasures.