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Mine vs. Theirs

I hit the mother load in thrift store treasures at St. Vincent de Paul on Wednesday!

I am going to start a blog segment called mine vs. theirs. I will show you how you can get very similar items at a fraction of the price.

So here goes…

I have been wanting a cloche. Mine was $2…


Theirs is $73 and I don’t even like the knob thingy on top, lol…


I love this little resin bunny. Mine was $1.50…


Theirs is $26!…


I really liked everything about this pink bunny…other than it was PINK (oh, and the ribbon)! Mine was $3…


Theirs is $17…


And look at mine now after some chalky finish mink spray paint. He’s almost a chocolate bunny, and no more hideous ribbon!


This fleur de lis was $2…


Theirs is $118…Whaaaat!!


I’m in love with this dome topped bird cage! It was only $4!!


Theirs is $95!!…


I wouldn’t want to pay these prices even if I had the money!

Here are some other great things I found on Wednesday!

I saw these little plaques a couple days before but didn’t want to pay $3 each. I waited, and they were on sale for $1 each!


These small mirrors were 65% off, making them 35 cents each!


The bird pot and basket shown below were each 75 cents! The white urn was $2.


These sconces were 1.50 each…


And look at the original price…$39!!


I saved the best for last. Look at this (rather ugly) flower arrangement I got for $1.50…


Look at the flowers after I tore them apart and added them to my milk glass…


And how could I resist Marilyn for 70 cents?!


Please let me know if you see something that you would love to have.

I am looking into renting booth space at an antique mall.

Thanks for stopping by! Check back soon for more thrift store treasures!



Spring Fever!


It’s only the beginning of February, and I already have Spring fever!

I am ready to enjoy this awesome 5 piece patio set. I got it last summer for $75 on a local Facebook yard sale group!


It came with the striped cushions, and I think they are actually upside down in this picture. Kids! What can ya do? ?

The cushions aren’t my favorite colors but they are in great shape. They will definitely work until I find something else.

I bought the throw pillows at a garage sale for $10. They were brand new. I’m in love with them!

You should search for the yard sale groups in your area. You can get great deals like this. Similar sets go for hundreds of dollars in stores.


I decided to move this table into the living room. Everything on it came from thrift stores, and the total price including the table is around $60!

I grabbed some candy hearts when I stopped to get my daughter a poster board for a school project.

You can throw colorful candy into a vase or fancy glass to brighten up a room and add a touch of Spring. And it’s inexpensive! ?


I will be back soon to share how I incorporate this theme (fleur de lis) throughout my bedroom design.


Have a great evening and continue to THINK SPRING while searching for your treasures.


Saturday Night Success


My BFF, Ang and I started out at Starbucks and Ollie’s on Saturday night.

We met a lady who told us about a “boutique” Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul located right down the street. We both shouted “we’re going!”

We ended up in the adorable little town of Mt. Washington (Beechmont Ave). It’s funny how you don’t even know there are treasures hiding in your own backyard.

Goodwill had 50% off the entire store. I got everything (except the candlesticks) you see in the picture above plus this column for $40.

St. Vincent de Paul was large and organized. They had a lot of nice things but their prices weren’t quite as good. I still managed to find a few great treasures.

I have a different vision for this light fixture. It won’t look the same once we get it hung. Stay tuned for that!

This white shelf helps fill that dead space we had beside our front door. And our Roomba has a friend now. ?

I loved these candlesticks when I saw them. Ang and I both thought the flowers added a nice touch.

Here is how I used a couple more of the items around my house. I am a sucker for large vases and topiaries.

Here is a recap of everything I got for $75 total!

• (2) heavy glass turquoise vases – $7.50

• (2) large baskets with liners – $5

• (2) topiaries – $6

• (2) candlesticks – $9

• large glass/black metal vase – $5

• small metal basket with bird – $1

• tiny blue ceramic watering can – .50

• small metal bird house – $1

• small ceramic bird to paint – $1

• white bird ornaments – $2

• small wooden window – $1

• black metal flower box – $2

• faux bread – $1.50 (couldn’t resist)

• white wooden shelf – $12

• white column – $5

• light fixture – $15

• flowers – .25

Enjoy this warm Sunday in Ohio, and stay tuned to see how I use the other treasures throughout my house!