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Love at First Sight

We are so excited to show you our first furniture makeover. It is Valentine’s Day and we are in LOVE with our $18 shabby chic table!!

Do you remember what it looked like before? We loved it as soon as we saw it. However, we wanted to give it a more rustic feel.

The table was $10 at Goodwill. The paint and wax were $8 at Michaels after coupon. We have plenty left for future projects…yippee!


We started by painting it with chalk paint…


Then we sanded it…


Here it is before we applied a coat of wax…


And here is the final project!! The dark wax gave it an antique finish.


I found a couple of other treasures this weekend. I am starting to like milk glass. I truly am becoming my mother.

I found the 2 compotes below at St. Vincent de Paul. They are identical. One was marked at $1.25 and one was priced at $4. The lady sold them to me for $1.25 each!


After doing a little surfing on Pinterest; I discovered that they are part of a set of 3. Now I am on a mission to find the others.


Bingo! My hubby spotted the large one shown above yesterday. We stopped at the Valley Thrift in Fairfield on our way to meet my sister for dinner.

Now I just need the small ones. They interlock to make a 3 tier centerpiece…how cute!


We also found these tall candlesticks shown below at Valley Thrift for $6. I might paint them an antique white.


My girls had a great visit with their cousins at McDonald’s. It even had a fireplace!


I hope you had a nice weekend with family too. I will be back soon with more treasures.






TGIF! Check out this centerpiece I made for around $5 using these 4 thrift store items!

  • basket candle holder $1.50
  • mercury glass candle holder .69
  • artificial flowers $1
  • bird ornaments $2

imageimage image image

I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with the candlealbra basket thingy.  Something kept telling me to use flowers instead of candles. I am happy with the way it turned out.

It is very soft and feminine. It almost looks like it could be used for a wedding reception. Is anyone getting married soon? Lol

Happy Friday!! Check back tomorrow for more treasures and completed projects!



Thrifting in a Winter Wonderland

We have several inches of snow here in Cincinnati. That didn’t stop me from venturing out on my day off. I went to Valley Thrift Store in Evendale. Their prices are cheap!!

I bought everything you see above for less than $10! The store is very organized. There are several employees keeping it tidy at all times.


I couldn’t pass up these candles and holders. The tall glass candle is blueberry, and it smells delicious!

The battery operated candle on the right was .49! You can’t beat that. I wipe everything down with Lysol wipes, and they are as good as new!


These small canvases were $1.99 each. I have been looking for something for my laundry room, and these match the rug great.


I am really into Mercury glass right now. This candle holder was .69 and the little basket was .29! These prices are so much fun!


This bird trio was 69 cents! These are great to use as little accents around the house.


This snowman card holder was also 69 cents. He will come in handy next year for all the Christmas cards that get thrown on my kitchen counter.

Here are a couple of things I didn’t buy. We want to start refinishing furniture but we need to make room in our garage first…


This table was $3.99! The legs were a little wobbly but the hubby could have fixed them. I’m kicking myself for not getting it.


This twin headboard was 99 cents! I think it could be really cute with a fresh coat of paint.


Here is my receipt. I didn’t pay more than $1.99 for anything. I also bought a package of hangers that are not pictured.

Hubby and I hope to make it to the Valley Thrift location in Fairfield this weekend. I hear it is even better than Evendale! ?

Here is a picture of our Winter Wonderland in Ohio. I borrowed it from a friend’s post.


Enjoy the beauty of your land, and stay tuned for more thrift store treasures!


Chalk It Up


We finally completed our chalkboard. The girls worked together on it.

If you know my kids; you can probably guess that there was quite a bit of yelling. It turned out great in the end. I love the different fonts.

We haven’t hung it yet. It is really heavy, and we need to get the proper hardware.

It is the best buck we have ever spent. It sure is a far cry from this old mirror…


The hubby and I went to Goodwill Saturday afternoon. We had a successful treasure hunt.

We got this demilune table for $10. We are going to paint it with blue chalk paint and apply an antique wax finish to give it an aged look. Stay tuned for that!


Here are some of the smaller treasures we got at half price…

                Silver candle sticks $2.50


                        Candle holder $1.50


         Light house lantern, white bowl $4


                       Wooden owl stool $2

My kids may not always get along perfectly but they are currently engaged in a singing contest. I really hope they grow up to be best friends and live…


(I got this little wooden sign at a garage sale last summer for $1.)

Here is one final look at the awesome chalkboard that was repurposed from an old mirror.


Have a great week, and check back soon for more treasures and finished projects.


Spring Fever!


It’s only the beginning of February, and I already have Spring fever!

I am ready to enjoy this awesome 5 piece patio set. I got it last summer for $75 on a local Facebook yard sale group!


It came with the striped cushions, and I think they are actually upside down in this picture. Kids! What can ya do? ?

The cushions aren’t my favorite colors but they are in great shape. They will definitely work until I find something else.

I bought the throw pillows at a garage sale for $10. They were brand new. I’m in love with them!

You should search for the yard sale groups in your area. You can get great deals like this. Similar sets go for hundreds of dollars in stores.


I decided to move this table into the living room. Everything on it came from thrift stores, and the total price including the table is around $60!

I grabbed some candy hearts when I stopped to get my daughter a poster board for a school project.

You can throw colorful candy into a vase or fancy glass to brighten up a room and add a touch of Spring. And it’s inexpensive! ?


I will be back soon to share how I incorporate this theme (fleur de lis) throughout my bedroom design.


Have a great evening and continue to THINK SPRING while searching for your treasures.


Saturday Night Success


My BFF, Ang and I started out at Starbucks and Ollie’s on Saturday night.

We met a lady who told us about a “boutique” Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul located right down the street. We both shouted “we’re going!”

We ended up in the adorable little town of Mt. Washington (Beechmont Ave). It’s funny how you don’t even know there are treasures hiding in your own backyard.

Goodwill had 50% off the entire store. I got everything (except the candlesticks) you see in the picture above plus this column for $40.

St. Vincent de Paul was large and organized. They had a lot of nice things but their prices weren’t quite as good. I still managed to find a few great treasures.

I have a different vision for this light fixture. It won’t look the same once we get it hung. Stay tuned for that!

This white shelf helps fill that dead space we had beside our front door. And our Roomba has a friend now. ?

I loved these candlesticks when I saw them. Ang and I both thought the flowers added a nice touch.

Here is how I used a couple more of the items around my house. I am a sucker for large vases and topiaries.

Here is a recap of everything I got for $75 total!

• (2) heavy glass turquoise vases – $7.50

• (2) large baskets with liners – $5

• (2) topiaries – $6

• (2) candlesticks – $9

• large glass/black metal vase – $5

• small metal basket with bird – $1

• tiny blue ceramic watering can – .50

• small metal bird house – $1

• small ceramic bird to paint – $1

• white bird ornaments – $2

• small wooden window – $1

• black metal flower box – $2

• faux bread – $1.50 (couldn’t resist)

• white wooden shelf – $12

• white column – $5

• light fixture – $15

• flowers – .25

Enjoy this warm Sunday in Ohio, and stay tuned to see how I use the other treasures throughout my house!


Time Flies When You’re Thrifting

Happy Saturday! Time has flown by. I have been busy thrifting and decorating.

It’s time to show you all of my fabulous treasures and projects!

It is very cold in Ohio so we decided to do some crafts.

I am SO excited about my transformed clock! I loved it; however, it didn’t match well with our new paint and flooring.

image image
Look at it now! I used a light coat of acrylic paint so the brown would show through.


Don’t be afraid to paint things you already have.

Now we will know what time it is as we run out the door each weekday.?

I have mentioned that I have a new obsession with birds. I found this little guy at my local thrift store for $1.image

I wasn’t crazy about the white so I painted him a turquoise color. Now he adds a pop of color in our living room.


It was time to re-decorate the mantle. I wanted to stick with the winter white and add a little love for Valentine’s Day without using traditional reds and pinks.

I wanted to use some hydrangea flowers but I did NOT want to pay $24 for 3 stems.

I saw this garland at St. Vincent DePaul for $3…SOLD!



My theory is…even if I don’t end up using it, the price was still less than a cup of fancy coffee.



Here is what I used for the mantle…

  • flowers from ugly garland (thrift store)
  • glass candle holders with crystals (thrift store)
  • chalkboard banner (target)
  • slate heart tags (target dollar section)
  • apothecary jars with silver fruit (thrift stores)
  • sparkly birdcage ornament (I’m just not ready to part with it yet. lol)


Finally…last but certainly not least are these fabulous treasures!

They came from Bargains and Buyouts on the west side of Cincinnati.

They have very nice modern furniture at great prices…AND they are happy to bargain with you!


This cream colored ring chair is very shabby chic with tufted buttons and silver nailheads. We love it, and its $40 price tag!!

It retails for $200 online. My 11 year old calls it her “princess chair.”


The table was a great find for $40 as well.  They marked it way down because it is missing the drawers.image

We don’t care! It works perfectly for the girls to drop their backpacks and school papers when they walk in the door.


I scored these wire baskets at Target in the baby clearance section for $2.98 each.

You have to think outside the box when shopping. Check all of the end caps in all departments.

And here’s an added bonus…my daughter with her snow day crafts. ?


Stay warm and check back next week for more treasures!




Look Beyond the Window


thrift store finds: tables, candleholders, pillow

I have always been the the type to take my Christmas décor down right after New Years.

I decorated with whites and silvers this year, and I am not ready to put it away just yet. The winter white creates peace and tranquility in our living room.

The cabinet shown below is one of my best treasures.  It was only $25 on the Offer Up website.  It is super SOLID!


The winter white goes well with my second-hand tables shown below.

They were $30 each on a Facebook yard sale group. They are very solid, and great for displaying my thrift store treasures.


thrift store finds: tables, bowl, lamps, window

We looked beyond the window by turning it into a picture frame.  It turned out great for displaying our family vacation photos.

We bought 4 of these windows on a Facebook yard sale group for $5 each. My husband used white chalkboard paint and sand paper to complete the look.


old window – painted, sanded, added 8×10 pictures

I hope you are taking time to see beyond the window this winter!

Stay tuned for more of my thrift store treasures.


Thursday’s Treasures


I was off work on Thursday so I decided to head to Trendy Treasures thrift store to see what I could find. They were having 75% off yellow tags. I scored BIG TIME!

I bought everything you see above for $22! I see similar items on websites (like Joss & Main) selling for 60 times the prices I paid.

This mercury glass owl is a great example. I paid $1.25 for this little guy. A similar owl is selling for almost $61 online!

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to keep that extra $59 in my wallet! (for more thrift store treasures, of course. ?)


Mine ~ $1.25


Theirs ~ $60.95

The striped pillow was $3. It looked brand new but I threw it in the washer anyway. It matches great with the others.


Have a Happy New Year, and stay tuned for more thrift store treasures.