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Saturday Night Success


My BFF, Ang and I started out at Starbucks and Ollie’s on Saturday night.

We met a lady who told us about a “boutique” Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul located right down the street. We both shouted “we’re going!”

We ended up in the adorable little town of Mt. Washington (Beechmont Ave). It’s funny how you don’t even know there are treasures hiding in your own backyard.

Goodwill had 50% off the entire store. I got everything (except the candlesticks) you see in the picture above plus this column for $40.

St. Vincent de Paul was large and organized. They had a lot of nice things but their prices weren’t quite as good. I still managed to find a few great treasures.

I have a different vision for this light fixture. It won’t look the same once we get it hung. Stay tuned for that!

This white shelf helps fill that dead space we had beside our front door. And our Roomba has a friend now. ?

I loved these candlesticks when I saw them. Ang and I both thought the flowers added a nice touch.

Here is how I used a couple more of the items around my house. I am a sucker for large vases and topiaries.

Here is a recap of everything I got for $75 total!

• (2) heavy glass turquoise vases – $7.50

• (2) large baskets with liners – $5

• (2) topiaries – $6

• (2) candlesticks – $9

• large glass/black metal vase – $5

• small metal basket with bird – $1

• tiny blue ceramic watering can – .50

• small metal bird house – $1

• small ceramic bird to paint – $1

• white bird ornaments – $2

• small wooden window – $1

• black metal flower box – $2

• faux bread – $1.50 (couldn’t resist)

• white wooden shelf – $12

• white column – $5

• light fixture – $15

• flowers – .25

Enjoy this warm Sunday in Ohio, and stay tuned to see how I use the other treasures throughout my house!


Simplify Your Space


My my new motto for the last several months has been simplicity. Life can be so so crazy with work, kids, school, sports…the list goes on and on.

It’s important to remember what really matters in life. Simplicity allows more time and energy for the important things. They are actually not things at all…they are the people you love.

We painted our daughters’ bedrooms in the fall before school started. We dejunked and simplified their spaces so they could start back to school on the right foot.

We made a DIY vanity for our oldest by installing a floating shelf, and adding a stool. This is a great option if you don’t have a lot of space for a large vanity.


This once black mirror has hung in a couple different rooms in our house (yes, I like to change things up quite often). A coat of white paint gave it a fresh, crisp look.


We scored this small table and shelf for free at a local church “free” yard sale. Can you believe the table was red and the shelf was bright green?

Paint can definitely give new life to old items. Don’t be afraid to use leftover wall paint too. We added a stool so it could function as a desk.

I cannot wait for garage sale season to start! We paid $1 for this solid wood mirror. It was definitely outdated but we had a vision…


Here is our new chalkboard! My handsome hubby used 2 different colors of chalkboard spray paint.


We are going to jazz it up with a cute quote and hang it this weekend. I can’t wait to show you how it turns out.

Enjoy the simple things and stay tuned for more treasures!


Time Flies When You’re Thrifting

Happy Saturday! Time has flown by. I have been busy thrifting and decorating.

It’s time to show you all of my fabulous treasures and projects!

It is very cold in Ohio so we decided to do some crafts.

I am SO excited about my transformed clock! I loved it; however, it didn’t match well with our new paint and flooring.

image image
Look at it now! I used a light coat of acrylic paint so the brown would show through.


Don’t be afraid to paint things you already have.

Now we will know what time it is as we run out the door each weekday.?

I have mentioned that I have a new obsession with birds. I found this little guy at my local thrift store for $1.image

I wasn’t crazy about the white so I painted him a turquoise color. Now he adds a pop of color in our living room.


It was time to re-decorate the mantle. I wanted to stick with the winter white and add a little love for Valentine’s Day without using traditional reds and pinks.

I wanted to use some hydrangea flowers but I did NOT want to pay $24 for 3 stems.

I saw this garland at St. Vincent DePaul for $3…SOLD!



My theory is…even if I don’t end up using it, the price was still less than a cup of fancy coffee.



Here is what I used for the mantle…

  • flowers from ugly garland (thrift store)
  • glass candle holders with crystals (thrift store)
  • chalkboard banner (target)
  • slate heart tags (target dollar section)
  • apothecary jars with silver fruit (thrift stores)
  • sparkly birdcage ornament (I’m just not ready to part with it yet. lol)


Finally…last but certainly not least are these fabulous treasures!

They came from Bargains and Buyouts on the west side of Cincinnati.

They have very nice modern furniture at great prices…AND they are happy to bargain with you!


This cream colored ring chair is very shabby chic with tufted buttons and silver nailheads. We love it, and its $40 price tag!!

It retails for $200 online. My 11 year old calls it her “princess chair.”


The table was a great find for $40 as well.  They marked it way down because it is missing the drawers.image

We don’t care! It works perfectly for the girls to drop their backpacks and school papers when they walk in the door.


I scored these wire baskets at Target in the baby clearance section for $2.98 each.

You have to think outside the box when shopping. Check all of the end caps in all departments.

And here’s an added bonus…my daughter with her snow day crafts. ?


Stay warm and check back next week for more treasures!




Look Beyond the Window


thrift store finds: tables, candleholders, pillow

I have always been the the type to take my Christmas décor down right after New Years.

I decorated with whites and silvers this year, and I am not ready to put it away just yet. The winter white creates peace and tranquility in our living room.

The cabinet shown below is one of my best treasures.  It was only $25 on the Offer Up website.  It is super SOLID!


The winter white goes well with my second-hand tables shown below.

They were $30 each on a Facebook yard sale group. They are very solid, and great for displaying my thrift store treasures.


thrift store finds: tables, bowl, lamps, window

We looked beyond the window by turning it into a picture frame.  It turned out great for displaying our family vacation photos.

We bought 4 of these windows on a Facebook yard sale group for $5 each. My husband used white chalkboard paint and sand paper to complete the look.


old window – painted, sanded, added 8×10 pictures

I hope you are taking time to see beyond the window this winter!

Stay tuned for more of my thrift store treasures.


Winter Blues are for the Birds


I have to admit that I am starting to feel a bit of the winter blues. It has been an unseasonably warm winter in Ohio. However, everything seems to be gray and dreary…blah!

My latest obsession is birds and chalkboards. I decided to turn to them to beat the blues…the color blue helps too. ?

Remember that black metal tray I bought on Thursday? My daughters helped me make it into a chalkboard using a chalk pen.


It helps to think outside the nest (box) when you are looking for treasures in thrift stores.

I bought this little stool with no intention of using it in the laundry room. Because it is going above my kitchen cabinets, the writing on the top won’t be seen at all.


I couldn’t resist buying this little trio of birds. I am guessing it was once tied together. I knew they would make great little accents, and I loved the blue and green colors.


How cute is the ugly cow stool now that I tied some twine and added one of those adorable birds?


I decided to spice up these mason jars by adding a little word with a lot of meaning. I am in L-O-V-E with them!

1 2

And here it is all together above my kitchen cabinets!


No more winter blues today.  I am one happy girl!

Have a great week, and stay tuned for more thrift store treasures.


Thursday’s Treasures


I was off work on Thursday so I decided to head to Trendy Treasures thrift store to see what I could find. They were having 75% off yellow tags. I scored BIG TIME!

I bought everything you see above for $22! I see similar items on websites (like Joss & Main) selling for 60 times the prices I paid.

This mercury glass owl is a great example. I paid $1.25 for this little guy. A similar owl is selling for almost $61 online!

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to keep that extra $59 in my wallet! (for more thrift store treasures, of course. ?)


Mine ~ $1.25


Theirs ~ $60.95

The striped pillow was $3. It looked brand new but I threw it in the washer anyway. It matches great with the others.


Have a Happy New Year, and stay tuned for more thrift store treasures.